Why is it blue now?

When we launched our Kickstarter campaign in 2017, our goal was to get "Fourple" (now 4-PLE) out there - and ideally to license it to someone who could take it even farther than our small team. We wanted to use Kickstarter to demonstrate traction. We were convinced it's a great game that people would buy but needed some proof. 

Enter Family Games America.

They saw our campaign and were compelled. They specialize in toys and games of a similar ilk. Often made from wood and strategy based. Our game would be right at home in their collections.

After working out the agreement, we felt comfortable that they were on board with the vision and purpose of the game and gave them freedom to take it to market in a way that vibes well with their customers. After doing international consumer testing, they decided on a few changes to our branding. The biggest change was discovering that "4-PLE" tested better, especially with international markets. The number allows it to translate less oddly to French, and FGA is a Canada-based company. They also swapped the color from our rich red to a jazzy blue. Personally, blue is my favorite color so I was on board (heh) without much convincing.

We love that FGA has brought our game to market and so diligently researched ways to make it accessible to non-english speakers. And thus we present... a blue game called 4-PLE!

(Still pronounced "four-pull" like the original.)