About the Game


Fourple isn't just another game to be forgotten in the closet - it is your go-to activity for almost any guest. Rules are quick and simple so the fun starts immediately. The beautiful birch game pieces are intentionally designed so they are pleasing to stack and look good in any living room. 


Rule #1:  Get 4 in a row up, across or diagonally.

That’s all - the shortest rule book in history. Start playing.

I Hate Rules

Ever have your eyes glaze over during the rule explanation of a new game? Intense strategy games or games with lots of rules can be overwhelming for many people. People think hard all day long so when social time arrives, some of us just want to relax. When I play a game for fun, I don’t want to have to think too hard about strategy or rules.

Now that we're done with rules, here are some free tips to aid your playing experience:

  • If all pieces have been played and no one has won, continue play by moving the pieces that were already played.
  • If you stack too high and cause a stack to topple, you lose. Maximum recommended height is 8 pieces.
  • Try speed 4-PLE. Each player must make a move within 10 seconds of the previous move.
  • Choose your style of play: The Wall- simplest, Stonehenge - circular, Cubicle - 3D cube


“I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed!"

William Shakespeare

If an experienced player is playing a newbie, the experienced player could graciously offer 1-3 courtesy saves. When the newbie places a piece that will allow the other player to win on the next move, the gracious experienced player can allow him to replay the move. Play this style until the newbie wins his first game without needing a save.

The Wall

Are we having fun yet?

Quality time with friends and family is one of the highlights of life. Doing enjoyable activities together is one of the most effective ways to bond with people. We believe the purpose of games is to create fun interaction with others and help build relationships with family, friends or potential new friends. Our family does not have game nights very often, but we do have many visitors to our home. We find that everyone becomes more at ease if we DO something in addition to conversation. I developed 4-PLE because we wanted an activity to help make sure that visitors in our home enjoy themselves.